Ollie was a plush toy in the shape of a little octopus. He lived in a toy store with many other toys, but he was different from them. He had a big dream: he wanted to travel around the world and see all the amazing places and cultures.

One day, a kind girl named Mia bought Ollie and took him home. She loved him very much and played with him every day. She also liked to read books about different countries and tell Ollie stories about them. Ollie was happy, but he still wished he could see those places for himself.

Mia's parents were travel agents, and they often went on trips to various destinations. They always brought back souvenirs and photos for Mia and Ollie. One day, they decided to take Mia and Ollie with them on their next adventure. Ollie was overjoyed. He couldn't believe his dream was coming true. He packed his tiny suitcase and got ready for the journey of his life.


  • The plush material of this toy is also textured, giving it a unique feel that kids and adults will love to touch and squeeze
  • This plush doll is perfect for Thanksgiving, Easter, Christmas, car, sofa, bed, office, great for stage theater and puppetry, storytelling, pretend play
  • Surface washable for easy care and maintenance
  • It can be as an accessory when kids play games