More Than Plush Toys

Qualigifts is more than plush toys. We offer a wide variety of highly demanded items that can fit into any gift shop. We also carry food service items such as cookies, lollipops, cups and buckets and water bottle carriers.

Our goal is to provide gift shop buyers a one-stop shop for all of their needs. We also value all of our customers. We take orders in a timely manner and ship as quickly as possible. Let us help you stock your gift shop with one phone call. We have everything, including lanyards, temporary tattoos, plush toys, souvenir spoons and bells, post cards, embroidered patches, umbrellas, ponchos, gift shop bags, water bottle lassos, animal cookies, magnets, punch balls, ornaments, and more.

Plush Toys

We carry a wide selection of plush toys that are categorized into wild life, sea life, aquatic, snakes and other reptiles, and butterflies. We also have themed plush toys for exhibits such as African, North American, Asian, and Australian, as well as farm animals. A variety of sizes and styles are available.

Real Bug Jewelry

Incredible jewelry for insect lovers, all animals used in "Real Bug" products are real. Real Bug jewelry incorporates real nature into these unique indestructible transparent acrylic jewelry pieces. Acrylic will not cloud or break. Rings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings are enjoyed by kids of all ages. Metal used for earrings is brass plated with silver.Your customers are sure to enjoy the wide selection of products, each encasing a real bug!

Umbrellas and Totes

These fanciful umbrellas include designs for adults and children. Adult umbrella and tote styles include African animals, Butterfly, Monet and Renoir, sea life, and Birds, and more. Children’s designs include “Falling Pandas,” “Frogs,” and “Jurassic Period.” Service umbrellas, golf umbrellas, and custom imprinted umbrellas available too. Let us custom imprint an umbrella for you!

Souvenir Spoons and Bells

We can customize the oval picture emblem displayed on souvenir spoons, bells, and junior zoo keeper badges. There is no plate or set-up charge with an initial order of 36 dozen assorted pieces. These souvenir collectibles make a unique gift shop item for customers that will help them remember their experience at your facility.

Food Service Items, Including Cups, Buckets, and Animal Cookies

Our selection of food service items help you provide some treats and creative packaging for youth. Inexpensive snacks are twist up lollipops and animal cookies. Cups and buckets are available in several designs.

Cups are available in 12 to 32 ounce sizes and can be used with disposable or reusable lids. Buckets are available in 30-115 ounce sizes. Designs for the cups and buckets include African animals, jungle animals, and Asian elephants. Name dropper messages available, and no set up or plate charge for stock designs.


Shirts are always a favorite, and we can customize shirts with embroidery or screen print designs. We can also provide wildlife designs to accompany any custom design idea.

Temporary Tattoos

Visitors love our wide variety of body art with temporary tattoos. Images include zoo animals, sea life, skin wear, ring, nail, belly button, tribal, retro, armband, glitter.

Embroidered Patches

Embroidered patches come in all shapes and sizes. Once the shape is decided upon, we work with you on a design approval. After the prototype is approved, production begins. Please allow 2 months for the process to be completed.

Lanyards and Water Bottle Carriers

Lanyards and water bottle carriers make an excellent choice for a souvenir from a gift shop. There are many designs available to fit your niche. Designs include African animals, cheetah, peacock, rattlesnake, sea life, tiger, zebra, giraffe, amusement parks, stars and stripes, and patriotic. Idea: add a lasso to every water bottle purchase to increase perceived value and increase profits!

Souvenirs and Toys

We carry a wide variety of toys and souvenirs that have the quality and customer appeal you are looking for. These items include postcards, magnets, punch balls, ornaments, and glassware.