Hammy was a hamster with a blue knitted hat that his owner had made for him. He loved his hat and wore it all the time, even when he was sleeping in his cozy cage. He also loved to explore the big house where he lived, but he knew it was full of dangers and interesting things.

One day, Hammy decided to sneak out of his cage and go on an adventure. He crawled under the sofa, climbed over the bookshelf, and nibbled on some cheese in the kitchen. He saw many things that he had never seen before, like a shiny vase, a fluffy pillow, and a scary cat.

Hammy was having so much fun that he didn't notice that his hat had fallen off when he was running away from the cat. He realized it too late and panicked. He searched everywhere for his hat, but he couldn't find it. He felt sad and cold without his hat. He wished he had stayed in his cage.

Then he heard a familiar voice calling his name. It was his owner, who had come home from work. She saw Hammy and picked him up gently. She also saw his hat on the floor and put it back on his head. Hammy felt happy and warm again. He snuggled with his owner and decided that he had enough adventure for one day.


  • Great for stage theater and puppetry, storytelling, pretend play, role playing, games, gifts For family, friends or your children
  • Children will love him! He is a friend who can be taken wherever you go!
  • A great gift for all ages
  • Made of high quality PV plush, super soft, you will surely want to touch and hug it