Ezo Momonga was a tiny and very cute flying squirrel who lived in the forests of Hokkaido. He loved to glide from tree to tree, using his furry membrane as a parachute. He was curious and adventurous, always looking for new sights and sounds.

One day, he decided to explore the nearby town, where he had heard there were many interesting things to see. He waited until nightfall, when the humans were asleep, and then he flew over the rooftops and the streets. He saw bright lights, colorful signs, and strange machines. He was amazed and delighted by everything he saw.

He landed on a balcony, where he found a bowl of nuts and seeds. He thought it was a gift for him, so he happily ate some. He did not notice that the bowl belonged to a little girl who loved animals and had put it there for the birds. She woke up when she heard a noise and looked outside. She saw Ezo Momonga sitting on the railing, looking at her with his big round eyes. She thought he was the cutest thing she had ever seen. She opened the window and reached out her hand. Ezo Momonga was not afraid of her. He sensed that she was kind and gentle. He jumped on her hand and let her pet him. They became friends right away.


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