Barbar was a gift from Grandma to Lily on her fifth birthday. He was soft and cuddly, with big ears and a long trunk. He had a blue bow around his neck and a tag that said “Made with love”. Lily loved Barbar and took him everywhere she went. She hugged him at night, played with him in the day, and told him all her secrets.

One day, Lily and her family went on a trip to the zoo. Lily brought Barbar along, of course. She wanted to show him the real elephants and see how they compared to him. She held him tightly as they walked around the zoo, looking at all the different animals. She was especially excited when they reached the elephant enclosure.

“Look, Barbar, those are your cousins!” she exclaimed, pointing at the huge gray creatures. “They are so big and strong! Do you want to be like them?” She lifted Barbar up to get a better view of the elephants. But as she did, she accidentally dropped him over the fence. He landed on the ground, right next to an elephant’s foot.

Lily gasped and started to cry. “Barbar! Barbar!” she screamed. Her parents tried to calm her down and called for help. The zookeepers rushed over and saw what had happened. They quickly got a ladder and climbed over the fence to rescue Barbar. They carefully picked him up and handed him back to Lily.

Lily hugged Barbar and checked if he was okay. He was a bit dirty, but otherwise unharmed. She thanked the zookeepers and apologized for causing trouble. She was so relieved to have Barbar back. She whispered in his ear, “You are brave, Barbar. You met the real elephants and survived. You are my hero.” Barbar smiled and snuggled with Lily. He was happy to be with her again. He didn’t mind being small and plushy. He knew he was loved.


  • Non-toxic materials that are safe for children to play with
  • They are fun to collect, play with and display
  • Also, it's a really cute decoration to put in your car
  • Composed of a PP cotton core and a soft, short plush skin that is robust and dimensionally stable