There was once a wise little owl who lived in a hollow tree. He loved to read books and learn new things, but he also enjoyed having some fun. Every full moon, he would fly out of his home and explore the night sky, looking for adventures.

One night, he saw a shooting star and decided to follow it. He flew as fast as he could, hoping to catch a glimpse of the star before it disappeared. He was so focused on his chase that he did not notice a large eagle flying towards him.

The eagle was hungry and saw the owl as an easy prey. He swooped down and tried to grab the owl with his sharp talons. The owl was startled and dodged the attack, but he lost sight of the shooting star. He realized that he was in danger and had to escape.

He used his wit and wisdom to outsmart the eagle. He flew into a dark cloud and hid behind it. He then imitated the voice of a bigger owl and said, "Who dares to disturb my sleep?" The eagle was scared and thought that he had angered a powerful enemy. He apologized and flew away, leaving the owl alone.

The owl was relieved and happy that he had escaped. He looked up and saw that the shooting star was still visible in the sky. He smiled and thanked it for leading him to a new adventure. He then flew back to his home, feeling proud of himself and his exploits.


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